Good Guys is a project I started with my homie @daltonsatterfield as a way to have fun and keep our skills honed. Working freelance is often times feast and famine, so as a way to combat those dry periods, we decided to create our own clients and our own projects. We took turns coming up with a design brief and then set a due date. The fun part about this project is that we kept our designs under wraps; neither of us knew what the other was up to.  So when we posted our stuff up on IG, it was always a fun surprise to see what the other did and how they approached the project. 
#goodguys Drop 001 / Dropout Skateboards
#goodguys Drop 002 / Brolly Bros Umbrellas
#goodguys Drop 003 / Badlands Leatherworks
#goodguys Drop 004 / Wide Eyed Cafe
#goodguys Drop 005 / The Key Man
#goodguys Drop 006 / Truth Belly Pub
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